Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation by Client:
Clients may cancel their service agreement with Silicon Rubble by providing written notice to Please note that any advance payments for services may be subject to our refund policy.

2. Notice Period:
To cancel a service, clients must provide a minimum notice of 7 days prior to the scheduled service commencement.

3. Cancellation Fee:
A cancellation fee may be applicable depending on the timing of the cancellation and the status of the project. This fee compensates for the resources allocated and preparatory work undertaken.

4. Cancellation by Silicon Rubble:
Silicon Rubble reserves the right to cancel a service agreement under certain circumstances, such as unforeseen operational challenges or inability to meet the project requirements. In such cases, we will notify the client at the earliest opportunity and provide a full refund of any advance payments.

5. Post-Cancellation Obligations:
Upon cancellation, Silicon Rubble will ensure that any client data or materials are securely returned or destroyed as per the client’s instructions.